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My name is Jordan, I’m an event planner, designer, & branding aficionado. 


Your EDM

Throughout the past five years Your EDM has developed and established its online media property, YourEDM.com, as the most reputable, visited and recognized publication in the world of Electronic Dance Music. With over 5 million monthly unique visitors, YourEDM.com has continuously sought to deliver the most up to date, accurate and poignant news related to the EDM scene.

BLAP Productions

From private events on yachts to events at lounges and clubs, to producing and promoting festivals, BLAP's deep knowledge of the current music industry and its history has gained a significant following of friends and young adults across California.



Yes, you got that right! Depending on what you might want to be done, I can work with you to turn your napkin concepts into reality. From festival production design, marketing, event graphic artwork, and web development, I can do it all.
From small, intimate city venues to large-scale outdoor music festivals, I can offer an in-depth understanding of music event production and a high level of respect for like-minded companies, performers, brands and communities alike. 
Also having worked with Photoshop and HTML/CSS for over a decade, I know it like the back of my hand. Just look no further than this very portfolio. Other specialties include: Brand & Social Media Management, Artist Hospitality Services, & Adobe Dreamweaver 


Event Production & Design


Digital Advertising Sales & Marketing


Google DFP / DFA / Adwords + Facebook Ads


Photoshop / Illustrator


HTML 5 / CSS 3






Soufflé Baking Ability

City Quote


“People ignore design that ignores people.” 

Vast Industry Knowledge

From small, intimate city venues to large-scale national music festivals, I offer an in-depth understanding of music event production and a high level of respect for like-minded companies, performers, brands and communities. Having personally managed both the creation and presence of the “Your EDM Stage” at Tomorrowworld 2015 in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia as well as the “Techibeats.Com Tent” at the 2012 Snowglobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe, California over the NYE Holiday. No job is too large.

ID&T’s Tomorrowworld 2015

Some of JK’s


The projects I develop are self-coded so that they achieve a high search engine placement, attract the desired traffic and entice the targeted audiences to your website. Good search engine optimization is a very important part of the web development process.


Brand collateral is developed to best represent the company based on the goals that a specialist has in mind. My aim is to not only to create strong brands, but effective ones. Create brands that have a positive effect on the bottom line. My major goal is to provide a brand identity that withstands time and grows with your company.


While the standard new media and print design services are available, I specialize in unique design work with an attention to high design. Working with a wide range of clients from small to large corporations on numerous projects, I have vast experience in digital advertising sales & marketing, new media fields of design and campaigns; specifically focused on campaign exposure and reach using Google DFP/DFA & RFPs.


I assist in controlling an event from conception to clean up. I meet with clients to work out event details, plan with the client and their team, scout and book locations, food, entertainment, staff and cleanup. I make sure the shrimp cocktail stays cold and the hired DJ’s stay hot. I help create budgets and stick to them, as well as organize transportation, hire and wrangle keynote speakers or celebrities, hire A/V teams and equipment rentals.

& more

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for additional information about my services.

Email address: jordan@heyitsjk.com

Snapchat: heyitsJK

Instagram: heyitsJK


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